Publications of the Indian Anthropological Society
The Indian Anthropological Society has brought out a number of publications:
1 Perspectives of Rural Development: Problems and Prospects Ed. By Rajat Kanti Das, Arabinda Basu and Abhijit Guha 2006.
2 Anthropology for North-east India: A Reader. By Arabinda Basu, Biman K. Das Gupta, and Jayanta Sarkar, 2004
3 North-east India:Ethno-cultural Perspectives and Process. Ed. By Ajit K. Danda, Biman K. Das Gupta, Arabinda Basu and Jayanta Sarkar 1998
4 Persecution of Women: Widows and Witches. Mita Barman, 2002
5 Cultural Profile of Calcutta. Surajit Sinha,1972
6 Aspects of Indian Culture and Society: essays in Felicitation of Professor Nirmal Kumar Bose. Ed. by Surajit Sinha,1972
7 Introducing Anthropology. by Gopala Sarana.1977
8 Field Studies on the People of India: Methods and Perspectives. Surajit Sinha, 1978
9 Tribal Women in India, 1978
10 Human Adaptation to Environment. Ed by Amitabha Basu and Barun Mukhopadhyay, 1985
11 Man and Environment: Biological and Cultural Perspectives with Special Reference to India. Surajit Sinha, Arabinda Basu and Amitabha Basu 1989
12 Aging in Contemporary Suhas K. Biswas,1987
13 Human Biology of Asian Highland Populations in the Global Context. Amitabha Basu and Ranjan Gupta, 1990
14 Andaman and Nicobar Islanders: Studies on Small Populations. Arabinda Basu, Jayanta Sarkar and Ajit K. Danda, 1992
15 Frontiers of Anthropology: Biology, Culture and Human development in Retrospect and Prospect. Ed. Ajit K Danda, Amitabha Basu and Arabinda Basu, 1994
16 Biology of the people of Tamil Nadu by L.D. Sanghvi,V. Balakrishnan and Irawati Karve 1981(collaborative Publication with the Indian Society of Human Genetics).
17 Codification of Tribal Customary Laws, by Bijitendra Mohan Mitra, 2003
18 The Science of Man, Ed. by Satyabrata Chakrabarti and Arabinda Basu, 2012
19 Plural Nature of Anthropology, Ed. by Ajit K. Danda, Kishor K. Basa and Kamal K. Misra, 2012
20 Alternative Voices of Anthropology, Ed. by Ajit K. Danda and Rajat K. Das, 2012